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Thai Means Free

Настя Aстраханцева

Television and mass media, before its heyday, operated as the strongest lever of influence over philistines. The government machine understood this and used it as such. For generations people accepted this and consented to it, feel some kind of comfort being absorbed by the pursuit for infinite improvement which rather erased individuality, freedom of thought, choice and personal will.

Millions of people, willingly or unknowingly, became victims of other people’s choices. Unattainable ideals imposed by the global web of financial corporations ensnared them in delusory opportunities. In the natural, inherent desire of loving and being loved hides a great beauty and a tremendous power of humanity. Nowadays, capitalist marketing firms exploit this human desire dishonestly, openly and daily, for profit.

Money compels the global marketing system to hang perfection in the face of the public. Perfection, though elusive, can be yours, they say. Their commercials promise beauty, strength, and wealth of an unattainable degree. Through these commercials the public forgets that the tools to find happiness, harmony and love dwell inside them patiently. Alas, many remain confused, and neglect true self-improvement because it appears unfathomable in comparison to all that advertising promises.

Our need for truth persists and it can be seen in the eyes of children. They search for real emotions in the distorted images presented to them in commercials enforcing plastic beauty. And that same child exists in us all, still on the look-out for something real. We succumb to vice, to desire, while the world deteriorates, but it is temporary, we hope. We must be honest with ourselves and our children. These searching children’s eyes lift briefly our delusions and show us that inside the ‘child’ the world is not as desolate as we think, as we see with open eyes all that we have lost and all that remains.

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