A Knife

Ada Veen14/05/16 19:17542

my slayer had a knife

I had a body that he could gore

he stabbed me in the core

I didn’t ask for life

I asked for more

my slayer told me that his victim’s gone

and he was looking for a kindred one

green eyes, thin arms and sweetened ruby blood

но ты, я знаю, точно не уйдешь

тебе понравился мой острый нож

я рад, я рад, я бесконечно рад

my Lord, my God, I’ll give You my soul whole

my Lord, just bless me watching me above

and dry my tears, and kill my fears and dole

my Lord, I sing the anthem for Your love

I’m grateful for this knife and for this tomb

I’m at the mercy of the darkest room

where I’m a guest, but “feel like home”, You said

this grave is milder than my homely bed

I hear Your voice, I smell the incense fume

my Lord, my God, I gave You my whole soul

it’s everything I have under control

but now it’s Yours

без всяких сожалений

тебе отдам — в Раю или в Аду -

все, что имею и во гроб сойду

своей же тенью


Ada Veen
Ada Veen

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