Loving Cup

Ada Veen14/05/16 19:20424

for beauty, for kindness, for cleaning from fears

your heavenly talented guys

were born and been living for thousand years

without any vice

for trusting in mutual love and hope

they died in the thousand storms

the darkest hallway — they needed to grope

and find new forms

they saw ugly scars on their lovers' faces

and licked them for healing up

those scares from the chase; and you know — that chase is

for loving cup

their silver and gold, their saliva and blood

brought all the sailors to life

they tired and dropped the cup into mud

in dangerous strife

come back to the ship, come back to the storm -

cup“s captured; let”s drink all day

be grateful and kind, be tender and warm

while death is away


Ada Veen
Ada Veen

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