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When the dimension of time is added to the dimensions of space and the 4-dimensional universal space-time continuum is shaped, two spirits which are located in different spots of space-time will be able to be one, or structural elements of One Universal Spirit, which would compose an inseparable and ineffable being

Humanity is unaware of its great strength, and it is unaware of its great perils. It is these two things that have brought a New Message into the world for the protection and the advancement of humanity. World seeks to protect human civilization and to give it new life, a new purpose and a new direction, to warn you of the great adversities you face now that are greater than anything your ancestors ever had to deal with. Therefore, so much depends on human response—human responsibility, the ability to respond. So much depends upon your awareness and decisions, and your ability to recognize you are living in a time of evolution, in a time of transition into a more difficult and more hazardous world. So much depends upon human intelligence, the intelligence of individuals who can respond to a New Evolution and can share its wisdom and its guidance with others. So much depends upon the power and the presence of Knowledge within each individual, a power and a presence that is so unknown and that it is not heeded by most. You have to love humanity and have great faith in humanity to believe that humanity will make the right decisions and follow the path that will provide a new way forward. You have to love humanity and have faith in the spirit of humanity and in the promise and the talents of humanity despite its tragic and prolonged mistakes.

Do not think another race in the universe will come to save you, for those that claim to do so are only here to take advantage of your weakness and your naiveté. Do not think that if human civilization fails, something better or greater can be established as a consequence. Do not underestimate the power of the time in which you live and the great adversities that you now face that still remain unknown to so many.

Do not lose faith in the power and presence of Knowledge within you and within others to recognize and to respond to this and to see the great opportunity to forge a new union in the human family—a union built by necessity, a union built in the fire of necessity, a union built by the recognition that together you can succeed, where in the past you have failed.

The warning is upon you, but the blessing is upon you as well. For life loves humanity and does not want to see you fail or lose your freedom as you emerge into a Greater Community of life in the universe.

You must have this love and this faith and this commitment to humanity as well. If you do, you will begin to experience the power and the grace of Knowledge within yourself. You will see that you too have come into the world at this time specifically to make a unique contribution to certain people in certain circumstances. And though you may not yet realize who these people are or what these circumstances are, you will feel the power and presence of Knowledge moving you, freeing you, reshaping your life, recasting your commitments, moving you in a new direction.

the future of humanity will be a time of transitionMay this blessing be yours to experience, for it is a blessing truly. May these times arouse a newer, deeper commitment and a deeper courage. May you see that your future is before you to be decided at this time of great transition. May you recognize that you as an individual must make these decisions and not simply rely upon others to make them for you. May you recognize that the power and the grace of Knowledge live within you, beneath the surface of your mind.

Within your heart, you know things the mind cannot understand, and that your true identity exists beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect, in the power and the presence of Knowledge.

May you hear these words with your heart with an open mind to see the great love that they demonstrate and the great respect and trust that they offer to you, who do not yet have your own self-respect and trust.

May New Evolution illuminate your life and give you strength and courage to navigate the difficult times ahead, and to speak as one voice in this world, and to forge the foundation for a greater future for the human family.



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