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“Immigration is a funeral after which life goes on”

Tadeusz Kotarbinski

The processes, the active phase of which began back in 2015, have only intensified over the past year. We are talking about mass civil migration in European space and the phenomena associated with it. In 2022, about eight million people left Ukraine alone. Because of the war and other political processes, another wave (tsunami) of people poured out of Eastern Europe from familiar circumstances and conditions. Who are these citizens and how will the picture of the world change in connection with this displacement?

In physics, there is the concept of “Diffusion” (lat. Diffusio “distribution, spreading, dispersion, interaction”). Usually, diffusion of one substance in a medium is considered, but diffusion of two substances is also possible, then one speaks of mutual diffusion.

This phenomenon is also considered in social science. In this context, it is conditioned by such processes as the dissemination and acceptance of certain objects (innovations, information, elements of culture). Borrowing, assimilation, exchange of elements of a different environment.

In her new series, Alena Puraeva tries to visually comprehend these processes and ask questions about the consequences. The interweaving of typography and patterns is a visual method.

Immigration, as a separate story and a forced measure, in private can be considered the beginning of a new life in different conditions and circumstances. In this regard, both the subject itself and the environment in which he suddenly found himself are changing.

The process of social diffusion of the modes “chaos” and “order” — the phenomena of objective reality — along with their direct and informal communication of an everyday nature, involves communications of a formal, strictly functional nature. The problem of these modes is one of the most complex and important in the social sciences. Its sharpness and enduring relevance are due to the existence of a universal law of entropy (disorder) increase, the essence of which is that disorganizing and destructive factors constantly operate in nature and society.

However, the entropic tendency is counteracted by the opposite one, which, on the contrary, is constantly striving for self-preservation of itself as an integrity with an internal equilibrium-dynamic structure.

In this series, the author captures his feeling from this entropy.

Among other things, Alyona tries to build connections between text and visual. Also creating a diffusion of these relationships. Poster art draws us to the stated topic and speaks about the problems with its own methods. The artist juggles meaning and image, intertwining them in one field.

According to the German scientist K.Jaspers, this is a process in which the self becomes itself due to the fact that it reveals itself in another.

We will have to assess the consequences of ongoing global processes only in the future. Now we can determine our influence on the present and observe its effect on us.



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