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I Hate COVID-19 and COVID-19 Hates me… by Nada Prlja FB 29 марта в 16:16 ·

Dmitry Vilensky

Nada Prlja

29 марта в 16:16 ·

I Hate COVID-19 and COVID-19 Hates me…

The first week, I was “on and off”; in the second week, a number of symptoms appeared; in the third week, my temperature has been consistently higher, while some of the other symptoms have become reduced. Now, I no longer ask when this condition will be over, I only desire for the symptoms to not get worse. Therefore:

3. Use one set of DIRTY gloves to bring everything from outside inside the home (unwrapping every item of packaging and placing it directly into a bin bag); a family member uses CLEAN gloves to place the items onto a clean surface or area, for further washing, before placing in the fridge / larder.

4. Make salt water: 1l boiled Water with 1 large spoon of Salt, to be gargled (cold) every morning and every night before sleeping, as well as before leaving or returning to the home.

5. Daily doses of D3, Selen and Zink.

6. Ginger is my best friend; fresh ginger can be consumed as a tea infusion and/or inhaled as aromatherapy (place fresh ginger in boiling water, together with oregano and black pepper). It helps more in prevention stage, then in healing stage.

7. Use Art bags for shopping, as these can be washed after each use.

8. Sun and fresh air — whenever and wherever possible.

These are not strictly speaking medical cures and guidelines, but advice and knowledge acquired through the internet, friends and family members (some of whom are medical practitioners). I have been practicing some of these guidelines for over two weeks now, learning and adding new ones each day. I am continuing to make these images whenever I can, despite feeling unwell and sharing them with you on an ongoing basis. These measures can be preventive as well as alleviate the condition of those who are already felling unwell.

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