And the god creat a bird

Irina Konopatskaia07/08/16 12:59689

Inspired me by Oscar Wilde

Once upon time, in early evening before sunset is comming to finished a day, the God create little beautiful blue bird. The bird opened her eyes first time and looks everywhere. The God was glad to see so pure creature what he made.

— You were born with the same time, when love were born between one boy and one girl, and connect their souls. Said the God — you can die today, or tomorrow, or, live forever. — God held out an olive branch to feed the hungry bird and sad- you live, and born on the same time when were born love, and you’ll die when love will die. -

— But, I don“t want to die — said the bird — and I don”t want to see how love between this couple will die too. What can I do?

— Pray, pray every evening to sunset, pray for love, pray for them souls. Every day. And never pray by moon. — The God answered

— I promise. — said the bird and fly away to see her world.

The bird was smart and kind. They never had her own though in evening. The bird always prays to the sun about love as how God told her. But, other birds, simple birds around, don“t understand this creature of the God. They left and don”t believe to this story, and sometimes even try to disturb the pray.

Once in evening moon woke up very early and asked the bird:

— Why you always pray to the sun? Pray to me.

— The god sad I can’t pray by you — sad the bird

— If you will pray to me, you didn’t need pray every day, only when I’m full, forget about sun, the sun never answered for your prays.

— Thank you moon — said the bird- but I will pray whole my life only to the sun.

— Stupid bird- said the moon

On the next day all birds was a blind of hate. On the night moon send this felling and make sick of hates to all birds.

In the afternoon they give new food to blue bird what they never tasted, and bird was fall in sleep, and when the bird woke up, the sun was already sat.

The bird start crying. And moon said again to bird:

— Pray to me.

— No I will not — said the bird, she start pray to God to help her.

The God was angry on the moon and to all birds. He killed them and creates the new much kindness and prettyess and he took opportunity spike from the moon.

— Fly! — Said the God — fly where sun is still already under horizon! —

And bird flies so fast much that the bird can“t. It was cold, was hard, the bird don”t feel herself. But she still was flying. And, the bird see sunset under the see. She starts pray. And, suddenly all her power was gone. Her hurt stopped breaking. The bird died.

In the morning when sunrise is began, first gold rays, fall down in to the blue bird. And suddenly the bird changed. Now the bird was white with silver lines on her wings. Hurts start breaking faster more ten twice than before. And the bird open her eyes.

-What happened? — Ask the bird

— You saved the love — answered the sun- and now love will never die between them and you will never die.

— Why?

— When you were sleeping, the souls were so scared that they can lose each other, they start asked love and God be always together. And god and love hire this pray and made from two souls one.

— So what’s happened with me?

— You free little bird. Now you can live forever, because now, they souls are big one, special soul, and they never lose each other.

But bird still pray to them every evening. And sun always asking the bird

— Why you do this?

— I was born for this, and all my life, always, I will pray for them.

And that’s how the love and bird connect two souls and made one.

The end



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