You will never know the reality. You can only create a conception.

Lady Opium04/11/17 19:50488

No more fears. You can travel as far as you wish in your inner spaceship — you are a spaceship. You are a cavity enclosed by bones wrapped in skin. You are the whole eternal universe which is dwelled by the cells. You are a macro-mind formed by micro-minds. A life originating from non-living particles, chaotically driven by thermal motion. I am alive. I am an equation where on the left side is sum of chemistry and physic and on the right side — agile, complex, incredible life, full of feelings and senses, meanings and nonsenses…Sanity and insanity.

I wanted to cry out: “Hey there! Open the door!”. — But there were nobody but me. Neither doors nor walls, only wilderness filled with humming wind and dancing sand. I have some seeds in my pocket. Should I try to plant a seed into dry lifeless sand? Can anything alive come from lifeless? A motion from motionless? A love from heartless?

The answer is —

just if you come to believe.



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