Life is light

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Life is easy

Life is light

Life is light — it comes with bright spark of screaming and crying.

It’s too late to be romantic

It’s too late to be realistic

It’s too old to be modern.

It’s high time to be post modern.

Originality is no longer original.

Where do you find new source and new reason.

Why on earth is this ever interesting to read.

The person righting this is unconscious but conscious about mistaking righting with “writing”.

What scale of values exists out there — it’s too late for asking questions. Some discipline would have been very desired. But there are zero disciples, they are undisciplined.

Lord is gone — lord of the rings is on tele.

This poetry makes no sense, and has no sense, and is not written by any sensible finger — it“s typed on a keyboard, all symbols are equal. Don”t search for anything sophisticated in it, don“t waste your time on it, yet the waste is the credo of today. Kids are born and taught to throw out waste. Recycling is the dinner topic for discussion. Where comes fiction — there comes life. Where there is just a little escape from the truth into at least just a little mystery, story, fairy tale — that”s where life gets exciting for a moment. For so long — what is life. Stop asking this question.

Is life easy? Can’t you see.

Death relive from the difficulty.

Philosopppp- sorry, you see that this is not for public, but this will be published.

What will this prove? — I said stop asking questions.

You are lone ly.

People entertain themselves with you — they are happy about any entertainment.

Youwill be entertained when you are talked to, when you are entertained. I lived life — it made no sense in the end. I don’t lie.

Does anybody need to face this, to read this, to hear this?

Don“t disturb people from their entertainments. If you are too sad (too true) to entertain them — escape, and die in solitude, and don”t be known to anybody. A wolf that gets sick hides away from others and die not to cause pain to others. My ass hurts from seating all day long. Nothing exciting is happening.


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