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being inherently independent, experimental music is bound to deny typical vertical principles of power and censorship that we face today even more than ever, yet it can contain a statement of the opposite nature. as we prepared this compilation the russian invasion of ukraine escalated further, leaving us with less words than ever, but a stronger urge to retain a voice. we believe that music communities are able to offer their own responses to societal changes, no matter how quiet or deafening they may sound.

Σ3 compilation features 16 tracks by our contributors, friends, and members of the team and we really hope you enjoy them for what they are. but the important thing is that beyond a sensitivity to unconventional sound and commitment to international music communities, all featured artists are defined by a belief in human dignity and solidarity with the victims of war.

all the proceeds from sales will be split between the evacuation initiative and providing humanitarian aid and power generators for at-risk ukrainians

released November 4, 2022
mastered by sergei shplv
artwork by Svyatykh


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