Lianella Al-Nadzhi: Fashion Design as Uncompromising Energy

turquoise ether magazine10/11/22 20:25326

Author: Jenya Stashkov, art critic

Every contemporary designer should be clearly aware of their strengths and weaknesses, articulate their aesthetic position, and not be afraid to develop their own artistic voice. Every outstanding designer should first of all be bold in his desire to develop his own vision, even if this vision is not a mainstream one. Mainstream capitalism makes us shy of our psyche, our affects, our inclinations, our addictions, and our true opinions and statements. We can be rougher or gentler than the market norm, but we must not give up. The most interesting modern designers do not adapt to the market but instead invent strategies that allow them to promote their own vision and their own unique method of design production. Fashion design is an extension of our body, our sensitivity, our sexuality, and ultimately, our uniqueness. Designers must bravely study themselves, and then they will be able to create unique objects.

Lianella Al-Nadzhi is an excellent example of a professional, bold, and uncompromising designer. She works with a bright, daring, energetic, and brutal technique. Her expressive designer garments can also be compared to the graphic works of naive and primitive artists. The most frequently used techniques are rough seams, eclecticism, collage, and texturing. The garments cease to be just garments; they are also an art object, a graphic canvas, a manifesto, and a symbol. Each item of clothing works to create a tough, energetic, and strong-willed image. Through her designer clothes, Lianella is able to awaken the hidden inner energy of life in people. This boundless energy is not based on gender, age, or nationality. It is the energy of pure vitality. A pure performative presentation of a cheerful existence.

However, it would be wrong to say that the practise of Lianella is a manifestation of the volitional principle alone. The designer works on a very wide emotional spectrum, which complements the main message with shades of weakness, self-separation, inner escapism, and the need for love. The character of the designer’s artistic universe is a person living a busy life full of emotional roller coasters and events and looking for a foothold in his inner strength. Helping to gain inner strength is an amazing humanistic act that not every designer is capable of.

Lianella“s bright personality and active humanistic position allow her to be a sought-after fashion designer with international recognition. She is not a freak, an outsider, or a lifeless, sterile product of average market demand. She is lively, empathetic, and able to inspire people to overcome apathy, inertia, and the feeling of losing themselves. This is a unique case of a symbiosis of talent, professionalism, and a subtle soul. Her creative method significantly enriches the palette of modern fashion design, makes it closer to people, to human nature, human essence, full of energy, contradictions and endless love. I strongly recommend that you follow Lianella”s creative career. You will not be disappointed!

You can find the works of Lianella Al-Nadzhi aka li ana j at the following links:


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