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Makedonian Anti-Nato Union. «НЕ ЗА НАТО! НЕ ЗА ВОJНА!»

Nikita Demin15/03/24 13:04344
Hello, my name is Nikita Demin, and I am a multidisciplinary artist from Siberia. Until I emigrated in October 2022, my collection of mini-magazines, DIY publications, and the like included over a hundred different editions from the USA, EU, and CIS. Punk rock culture and anarchist initiatives are typically very free in their approach to layout and presentation of information. Things are impermanent, and having recently found myself in the grassroots space AKAB OBRTNICA in Belgrade, I felt the desire to start collecting zines again: anarchist, leftist, rare, and remarkable ones. Keep an eye out for my collection on Balkans Left Shelf.
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The No to war — No to NATO Network condemns the proposals for a new NATO agenda, outlined in NATO 2030: United for a New Era. The report presents a dangerous expansion plan that will increase tension and the risk of war.



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