On the adge of another truth

Alexei Eroshenko28/02/23 08:23478


/ˌpəʊs (t)ˈtruːθ/


1. relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.“can we find reliable information in these post-truth times?”

Well, here he is a person in the modern world trying not to go crazy in an attempt to understand the information flows that permeate the mainstream every day. The Internet, social networks, news and our futile efforts to see the present, discern the true outlines of events and form the outlines of events and “our own” attitude towards them. It is clear that with the development of technology and the speed of information transfer, the problem of finding the truth and separating it from other things is not new, but one gets the feeling that in such a rhythm we find ourselves on the threshold of another historical paradigm that no longer deconstructs the previous one or rethinks, but puts the very fact of the possibility of a certain unambiguous approach to assessment is called into question.

In modern realities, it is not necessary to be on a real battlefield in order to feel the front of a hybrid war. The field of active actions is now also in the minds of people. Battles for minds and views are no less important than real battles for geography and power.

In this new series, Alena Puraeva explores the boundaries between typography and conventional art.

The author tries to go beyond the boundaries of the usual approach, indicated by the limits of the request and expectations of the customer.

This practice, as before, is concentrated in the field of the digital and about the laws and processes in this field. Alena dissects a picture of her feelings from everyday encounters with digital flows of visual, textual and formative information.

For the typographic triptych, each piece could feature a different font and art that conveys the theme. The Gossip piece could have a bold, distorted font that represents the mutation and distortion of rumors. The News piece could have a clean, modern font that represents the immediacy and impact of breaking news. The Network piece could have a maze-like font that represents the confusion and complexity of navigating the digital world.

Overall, the triptych would be a visual representation of the challenges and complexities of accessing and verifying information in the modern world.



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