Photography as a living and breathing

Maia Ulchin18/05/22 20:13879

The Russian (Byelorussian) artist Ekaterina Evseenko was born in a small town in Belarus in a large family where she was supported in her creative initiatives and endeavors. Ekaterina was always curious about getting knowledge about something new and experimental. Still, she chose a different path — to study and receive a specialization in medicine. Having moved to Moscow, she has succeeded professionally in this chosen sphere. Ekaterina has graduated from a prestigious Russian medical institution.

Despite her professional activities and occupancy, she was not out of the creative cluster or local art community. Ekaterina has continued her artistic practice having nostalgia for her cultural roots, and traditions and she was missing the nature living in a megapolis such as Moscow.

Missing so much the wild nature and the proximity of animals, she wanted to enjoy the peace and harmony that can be found in beautiful landscapes. She started to take photographs observing the natural movement of life, capturing the moment, in other words, taking it with herself into the world of concrete and iron.

Ekaterina was experimenting with different approaches and techniques, trying to work out her vision of landscapes and perspectives. She was working with different photo cameras, including digital and film cameras, which was an incredibly breathtaking experience. She was trying to network and find professionals in the sphere of photography to learn from them and communicate with them.

Having experimented with shots made in the wild nature and landscapes, outside of the city, Ekaterina decided to include the figure of a human in the picture. That step was important for the artist since Ekaterina was trying to demonstrate that people are part of the environment, and this world around us needs to be preserved and saved.

The idea of communication between a human and nature is crucial for her artworks. Her sister Irina, who is an artist too, helped a lot to refine the technique — she shared her experience with Ekaterina, and finally, the new series of photographs came out.

It was on the advice of Irina that Ekaterina began to share these artworks with different platforms — the photographs began to be published on various resources, including international portals. Therefore, with time the photography ‘for the insiders’ grew into an artwork. Ekaterina realized that this is how it is possible to present ideas and opinions about what is happening around the outside world. She has started to work with the themes of ecology, the intersection of the ecological environment, and human influence on it.

While working with the idea of the human influence on the state of the world around, the nature, and the human himself, she was encountering cancer patients. Different attitudes towards one’s diagnosis, desires, and regrets make a strong impression, make one think about the transience of life and ways to join it, and how important it is to consciously live each current moment.

In her future work with the help of art and with the means of photography, Ekaterina plans to help cancer patients accept themselves, show that the disease cannot make them lose the beauty of the soul, hide the strength of the spirit and desire to live and draw attention to the growth of cancer in the world.



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