Breaking Walls

Tanya Verver01/10/23 10:001.9K🔥

My love’s like a waterfall

Bursting out of my veins

This is our third fall

Of the never changing games

Where we are little toys,

Pawns of someone’s else disguise

I will always hear your voice

On the way to paradise

At the moment I wake up

To the new unceasing life

I know I need to break up

The shell and thus win the strife,

Being made to be reborn

To the new eternal world

I was sent here as Bourne,

But forgot what I was told.

We will never meet at all

“On this bumpy road to love”

But we’ll break another wall

Built in the memory of

Our never ending strife

On the ruins of the whirled

Dance of the eternal life,

Filling the eternal word.

Photo by Tanya Verver
Photo by Tanya Verver


Alexandra Adamova

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