Birds of Wildly Coloured Feather

Tanya Verver09/12/23 06:561.2K🔥
Photo by Tanya Verver
Photo by Tanya Verver

Are you afraid to move and grow, baby,

What are you stumbling at, so forgetful,

Am I repeating the mistake that maybe

I could succeed in changing paling spectrum

Of colours quietly blushing in your soul

Touching the edges of the others’ auras

Having pre-captured sooner falling stones

Did you just think you are better off without

Going further, waiting week by week

Always staying aloof, afraid of acting

Don’t you see that I am almost fainting

It’s been too hard or I am just too weak

I do not see what change you are waiting for

Leaving « as is » or trying simpler options

Getting the worst out of me before

You start feeling the slightest of emotions.

Yet, other thoughts are flashing in your mind

I’m feeling stuck by always guessing whether

Talking of birds of wildly coloured feather

You really tried to understand what kind.

London, June 2011



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