Alisa Bunyatova and her “City Series”

turquoise ether magazine23/01/23 19:06503

Author: Jenya Stashkov, art critic

For several years now, Alisa Bunyatova has been immersing herself in the realm of visual art. As an artist, she combines her unique vision with the genuine interest of a pioneer. Alice lifts the veil on the mystery of objects, creating installations and capturing the tranquility of the surrounding reality. In this series of photographs, called “City Series”, the artist speaks to the viewer as a photographer who strives for a balance between emptiness and compositional harmony.

“City Series” envelops the viewer with calmness and, at the same time, cold detachment. The entire series of works is made in different colors, but each next photo seems to follow the previous one, continuing to tell a silent industrial story.


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