I.L.I.`s Whimsical and Organic Paintings Embody Sublime in Everyday Objects

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LONDON, U.K. — The Artist Workspace Gallery`s new virtual exhibition “I often think about future” showcases the latest works by the talented painter I.L.I. Curated by gallery director Zoë Goetzmann, this show features a playful dialogue between I.L.I.`s vibrant drawings and their AI-blended counterparts.

The first half of the exhibition showcases I.L.I.`s whimsical pencil, pastel, and colour pen illustrations of houseplants. Drawn on humble A4 paper, these pieces burst with the artist`s signature pinks, blues, and yellows. The artist`s bold use of colour evokes a sense of lightness and happiness, while the flat and simplified forms used in the compositions create a dynamic and vibrant energy that draws the viewer in. The playful and humorous touches scattered throughout add a sense of fun and whimsy to the works. A slightly disported perspective and minimalistic drawing style encourage the viewer to shift their focus to the objects` essence and appreciate their intrinsic value. A cluster of berries glows in reds and greens against the stark white background. The delicate vines of a houseplant curl gently.

In the second half, Midjourney`s AI blending techniques have been used to combine and recombine I.L.I.`s original drawings. The resulting hybrid images distil the essence of the human-made works while injecting an imaginative, futuristic twist. These AI-generated pieces are in direct conversation with their artistic parents, challenging concepts of creativity and authorship.

As Goetzmann`s exhibition text explains, I.L.I. transforms daily worries and musings into delightful celebrations of the present moment. Walking through this show feels like flipping through the artist`s visual journal, full of relatable reflections on learning, shopping, and changing seasons. Playful and contemplative, this show asks important questions about the role of AI in art while revelling in the delights of the everyday.

Human-made or AI-generated, I.L.I.`s works prove that artistry can emerge from either. This virtual exhibition is a must-see for appreciating beauty through both traditional and technological lenses.

I.L.I.`s solo show “I often think about future” is on view until the 15th of October, 2023, online through The Artist Workspace Gallery. Visit for more information.

Written by Jenya Stashkov (UK)


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