Lisa Komogorova: design as the creation of a personal mythology

turquoise ether magazine01/11/22 15:54578

Author: Jenya Stashkov, art critic

It seems that modern designers are able to take inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Finding a source of inspiration is a difficult and responsible task in this difficult and hyper-information era. Finding your own set of references, aesthetic guidelines in creativity is equivalent to finding an artistic voice and space for creative expression. The most interesting modern design works are created by a bold and scrupulous synthesis of various techniques, genres, approaches and systems of references. Modern designers must be able to create new aesthetic, solid, paradoxical, seamless objects and purposefully and constantly reinvent their vision. Lisa Komogorova’s design work is an excellent example of a such seamless fusion of different eras (modernity and antiquity), traditions (Greek urban style and modern pluralistic individualism), and humanistic systems (careful sexuality and fluidity of any performative identification).

Lisa Komogorova’s method is a search and synthesis of points of contact between traditional image-making and modern everyday life. She modernizes conventional concepts, makes them possible to use for the needs of modern people without losing the energy of the original myth. Komogorova’s The ‘vivid divinity’ collection is an outstanding illustration of the method described above. The designer reinvents the female images of the traditional Greek pantheon. She transforms the pure white togas of Eve, Aphrodite and Athena into fashionable and sexy outfits. However, the sexuality of these images is mythical, not exploitative. This collection does not objectify the female body, it assigns to it the attributes of sublimity, spirituality, transcendence. But the female body continues to be alive, willing, dreaming and knowing itself. The collection overcomes the sexual/asexual dichotomy. The gross use of the sexual energy of the female body is overcome by the use of mythological tools. The false pathos of traditional Greek mythology is overcome by the use of design inventions of the 20th — 21st centuries. The designer works in a deliberately ascetic color palette, but the collection does not become boring or monotonous because of this. White and transparent colors are presented in 22 completely different forms. The collection clearly carries a humanistic and therapeutic message. This is a message about the search for freedom and convenience, reconciliation of the past and the present, the need for inspiration and calm.

We warmly recommend that you follow the creative career of Lisa Komogorova. Lisa is a rare type of thoughtful, subtle and highly professional designer. Her garments are distinguished by masterful workmanship and a high level of thoughtfulness. Komogorova’s works are aesthetically verified objects, they are not kitsch, not eclectic, not vulgar, not superficial. They represent a harmonious and complex statement of a very talented artist. In fact, traditional mythology and modern trends are just tools for Lisa Komogorova to tell her own story, her own humanistic message to this world. It is a message of peace, hope and freedom.

You can find the works of Lisa Komogorova at the following links:


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