Matt Stasyuk: Surfaces, polyoptics, post-anthropic humanism

turquoise ether magazine24/04/23 18:07469

Author: Jenya Stashkov, artist and art critic

Modernity is an elusive phenomenon. We can define modernity through fashion trends, economic indicators, political arrangements, environmental forecasts, levels of activity of protest movements in various territories of the planet, and so on. Modernity is an indefinable reality, accessible to absolutely everyone through direct sensations but at the same time escaping comprehension and reflection. The most daring contemporary artists are trying to deepen the public’s understanding of modernity through the prism of their artistic practises. The comprehension of modernity often turns into the invention and reinvention of modernity, into the creation of postmodernity. Radical artistic gestures work at the intersection of research and design. A unique example of such a creative approach is the artistic practise of the contemporary artist Matt Stasyuk.

Stasyuk creates images of postmodernity through a complex chain of perceptual tools. The artist overcomes the phallogocentric consensus and approaches modernity through synesthetic perception strategies. For him, surface tension, market brands, the sinister valley effect, the juggling of macro- and micro-optics, ornamentalism, network culture, and object-oriented ontology are important. Stasyuk“s objects are post-anthropic evidence of the alienation of various aspects of reality from each other. These objects can be compared with landscapes, fractions of substances, geological sections, and models of universes. In the cosmology of the artist, everyday objects or meme plots begin to perform the functions of prophecies or mantras with the effect of bewitching reality. An interesting paradox is hidden here: the exposure of the superficial axioms of reality exists at the junction of the statement about the tightness of the universe and the declaration of love for everyday objects. I think that it is in this paradox that the secret of the infinite appeal of Stasyuk”s works is hidden. These works activate the imagination and critical functions (political and civil) of the viewer’s perception. Looking at his works becomes both an aesthetic and a political act.

Matt Stasyuk is an unusual young professional artist with an unusual vision of reality; he certainly expands the boundaries of modern art through the use of practises of non-confessional awareness, a complex interdisciplinary method, and a polyoptic worldview. The artist consciously uses the experience of his personal non-religious spirituality to inform a wide audience about the most effective methods of countering the repressive aspects of modernity. This is a very responsible approach. However, the artist“s complex and incredibly developed philosophical concept also hides a high level of proficiency in various techniques of modern fine art at the junction with computer science. Stasyuk”s style can be described as minimalistic, detailed, ornamental, intimate, aloof, clear, and socially critical.

I strongly recommend that you start following the artistic practise of Matt Stasyuk; he will expand your understanding of contemporary art and modernity. This artist is able to surprise and excite the mind. Please do not miss the opportunity to visit any Matt Stasyuk exhibition if it is nearby.


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